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  Audience is a multi-media announcement service for CR / Sustainability / Green events. Depending on the service level chosen, you can access a range of relevant audiences with the following tools:

email Email

EventAlert monthly round-up emails are sent to over 20,000 people

We only collect new email addresses from sign-ups to either the or websites. Both of these websites and their users are focused on CR & Sustainability issues.

We have a strict policy on the removal of email addresses which are no longer active or have requested an unsubscription. This process is also independently verified.

Email recipients by Region & Stakeholder Group:

Recipients by Stakeholder Group   Recipients by region
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online Online

EventAlerts feature for a minimum of 1 month on the homepage, and on We receive over 70,000 unique visits every month. We deal solely in CR resources, which ensures that these visits are from relevant individuals.

syndication  Syndication

The EventAlert RSS feed is accessible free of charge to all site users to aggregate with their personal feed burners, or to display on their own websites.

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